About Frank Matta

“Frank provided entertainment for our annual Christmas in Rosenberg event in Historic Downtown Rosenberg this past December (2012).  He was a pleasure to work with, and the acoustic holiday music he preformed was amazing – it helped make the evening one to remember, and to set a great tone for the event!  Based on his professionalism, and musical talent, I would highly recommend Frank for events.  He more than exceeded our expectations!”
Angela E. Fritz

Communications Director - City of Rosenberg

Frank's music reminds you to stop and appreciate your current state of being, which most of the time at The Cellar Door means you have a good glass of wine and excellent music from Frank. His music is calming, relaxing, and soulful. It's amazing how much soul you can feel from his music. My personal favorite song of all time is Stevie Ray Vaughan's rendition of Little Wing. I was on my way out the door for the night and heard Frank playing this and I had to stay. He has a way of making you appreciate all of life's subtleties.

Frankie Salinas
General Manager - The Cellar Door Katy

Frank Matta is a master! His music makes our events special. He is very supportive of our outreach, and has performed at numerous ARTreach functions including Art on the Lake, Texas Music Project and Gallery Night Events. Everyone loves his smile, his giving spirit, and his amazing music!

Terri Bieber
Executive Director, ARTreach-Non-Profit Art and Educational Outreach

“It has been said that guitarists are a dime a dozen, and that may be true as a general rule of thumb.  However, Frank Matta is far from just your average guitarist!  I have known Frank for a few years, and his talent on the guitar is impressive to say the least!  Especially impressive are his forays into the jazz genre, but he is in no way limited to playing jazz.  You need a talented guitarist who is comfortable performing in many different genres of music?  Frank is your man!  He is also one of the most giving artists that I have ever met.  From his work at various charity events that I have been involved with, to his performances at local guitar festivals, and venues in between, I have always been able to count on Frank.  A sure crowd pleaser, I cannot recommend Frank highly enough!  Simply put, Frank gets a very enthusiastic two thumbs up!”

Dr. Michael Guevara

Frank Matta has provided musical entertainment for several of my events and did a fantastic job. They are very professional and provided a great addition to our event.

Cyndi Hicks

Director of Events Management, PCCA, Houston, Texas

“I've worked with Frank for almost two years making music in church services and in public venues together as representatives of Redeemer Presbyterian Church. His professionalism and commitment to the very highest musical standards set a high bar for all of us on the team. Frank is an amazing and versatile musician who is always stretching his considerable abilities as new challenges present themselves. I've seen Frank work with musicians of varying levels of skill and experience, and he is invariably helpful, both as a contributor and a mentor. Just as valuable to team dynamics as Frank's skills is his attitude. Although his experience as a leader of music in the church is considerably greater than mine, he offers suggestions tactfully; he is undoubtedly interested in the success of the team rather than any recognition for himself. It is an unmitigated delight to know and work with Frank, and I have learned much from him.”

Nils Jonsson

Lead Musician for Redeemer Presbyterian Church